Jewels Prime

Well Organized Jewelry Manufacturing System

Jewels Prime is an intelligent system helping jewellers manage their business seamlessly. Jewels Prime is known as the best jewelry manufacturing software across the globe incomparable with any software in the world. We have developed simple but innovative jewelry manufacturing software which jewelry industry was seeking for a long time and we are continuously putting efforts to add more & more features every day; helping jewellers to have more control on their business from anywhere.

Jewels Prime is a well-organized jewelry manufacturing system which provides complete step-by-step client order traceability; automates every aspect of your jewelry manufacturing processes, inventory handling, controlling movement of goods from one department to another And capturing every single movement of gold, silver, components, diamonds, color stones, job bags, tools, accessories, finished jewelry products and much more. The jewellery manufacturing processes are very complex with many steps involved, materials requirement at each stage, rejections, orders & job bags to be tracked in real time. But Jewels™ Prime makes it easy for you and keeps track of all materials (metals, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, findings and all other components) used in the manufacturing processes and unused material still lying in the job bags to be added in the reusable or rejection inventory.


Jewels ERP

Controlling and managing jewelry business is made easy, quick, accurate & efficient. We are living in the changing world where apps are rewriting everything nowadays; hence Jewels® is not behind and is mobile compatible in every sense. Read More..

Jewels Gems

Maintaining the stock of diamonds, Precious & Semi Precious stones is more cumbersome than jewelry. A systematic approach towards organizing the root sector of Jewelry Industry is Jewels® Gems, which is a web based Software. Read More..

Jewels Retail

Smoothness in customer handling and customer services are the most important factors which differentiates a retailer from other. Hence user friendly & fully functional software is required. Read More..

Jewels CB

If you are a jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler AND need an automated online secured accounting system, Jewels® CB is a perfect solution matching and fulfilling all your business needs. Read More..

Jewels Payroll

It helps you to timely and accurately process salary, efficient handling of reimbursements, Loans & Advances and PF, ESIC CHALLANS and TDS. It is an effective HR payroll solution for large, medium and small enterprises. Read More..

Jewels CRM

Another tool similar to Jewels PIS is Jewels CRM. Customer Relation Management has to be strong for any growing business. Understanding customer requirements, proper & timely communication Read More..

Jewels PIS

Jewels Personal Information System is online software to maintain categorized records of clients, friends, relatives and other business entities with their family members. Read More..