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What is Jewels ERP and what are its Main Components?

Are you an owner of jewelry business and really perplexed with the day to day activities of your business? If yes, then this blog is for you. Let me first start with a brief introduction of our product JEWELS ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is basically business process management software which incorporates all major functions of business in one system so that the business gets more aligned and generates better revenue. This software supports the business or enterprise throughout the planning, organizing, tracking and maintaining all man, machinery, material and money in the house. You can say it is a single gateway to enter all data and generate multiple reports. Our product is specially designed for Jewellery business houses and the major components are:


Human Resources:  Efficient management of the human resource is a secret ingredient of the success of any business and keeping this in mind, we have integrated this component in our software. Through Human Resource ERP Software, you can at once take care of on-boarding, off-boarding, timekeeping, benefits administration, and staff development. You need not sit and manually input the time sheets or calculate their payments, with payroll integrated; all salary calculation and payment are taken care of.


Finances: Finance is the blood of businesses. Since every business involves receiving and payment of money, our finance component of JEWELS ERP stores and analyses all of the financial data. It includes account payables, account receivables, costs,  budgets, trends of spending, analysis of return and accurate calculation of profit. It is like a central accounting system of your business.


Supply chain: An effective supply chain management component is crucial for any business to stay in the competition. The SCM component optimizes both manufacturing and distribution processes. It collects real-time data through which you get a better idea of the demand for the products, accordingly create the production plan to give to manufacturing unit and also fix the problems then and there as they occur.


Inventory: Inventory is an indispensable part of every business and this component of our software allows you to manage your inventory irrespective of its level or category. Here all your inventory is recorded then may it be of loose stones, finished goods or metals. The tracking system exactly tells the location where a particular type of inventory is kept. It automatically gives you alert for further purchases, fluctuations in prices as well as avoid the situations of over and under-stocking.


Customer relationship: The customer relationship management component in the software allows you to keep the track of all your customers, their choices, and the cycle of purchase. The system also highlights the positive and negative responses from your customer and thus helps you in serving them better. 


Business Intelligence: This is a standard function of the ERP system. This component not only collects and analyses the data but also provides you with valuable insights related to your business processes. The reports are generated either in forms of number table or if you want a quick glance, it can be generated in form of bar graphs or pie charts as well. This is a very smart feature of our software as it enables you to make decisions backed by data. The business intelligence helps you with reports of all functions of business and always presents a true picture of your business in the real-time. 


The JEWELS ERP indeed is the need of an hour. It smartly allows you to keep an eye on your entire business from a dashboard.