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5 reasons to use Jewels® CB accounting software in your jewellery business



Jewellery software businesses involve money in huge amount and a slight mistake while maintaining accounts of it or posting the entries can lead to a big hole in the balance sheet. To avoid such mess, the dedicated softwares are there. The accounting software programmes handle entire accounting perspective including bookkeeping, storing financial data and giving you a true picture of your business finances. The reasons why Jewels® CB accounting software must be deployed in your jewellery business are:


It automates tasks: “Every transaction has two effects” That’s the golden rule of accounting and the Jewels® CB does auto posting in all the ledgers. It saves you from the task of knowing the double entry system plus from the mess of doing it carefully. In this jewelry business software you have to enter a transaction once and the counter effect of it can be seen on other accounts automatically.


Controls your cash flow: Incoming and outgoing of cash is a fundamental of every business and the size of such inflows and outflows varies from time to time. At times it really gets difficult to remember all and write it in the cash book. The Jewels® CB software facilitates with the easy maintaining of daily cash book/Rokad. It creates invoices and keeps track of customers who owe you money and also a track of suppliers whom you owe money.


Wages are made simple: The Jewels® CB software has a separate section to manage your employees’ wages. It takes into account all the deductions, taxes, dues, bonuses etc that is to be paid. In the jewellery business, the sales man at showroom or the karigars at factory are in huge numbers and this software makes calculating their wages a piece of cake.



It takes care of the math for you: Even if you are an expert in math, there are high chances of errors, edits and lapses in your calculation. All these in turn cost you in terms of energy and time. To get save from such silly mistakes, deploy the Jewels® CB accounting software. It handles all the payment, receipts, invoices, ledgers etc and simplifies the work to great extent for you. Obviously going for a toss in case of accuracy is not a chance here!



It cuts costs: Automating the accounting task saves a lot of money. It eliminates the need of hiring a bookkeeper, allowing extra space to them in office and then supervising all the entries or transactions. In business, time is like money and by installing the Jewels® CB accounting software you reduces bookkeeping hours significantly. Further this software is nominally priced and has benefits that run in long time. All update, support and training is provided by us to strengthen and digitalise your business accounting base.


Other essential functions: The Jewels® CB is a one stop solution for all the account hacks of your jewellery business. It has a separate tab from where you can generate all the kind of reports. These reports are essential to know the true financial status of the business. More, it allows you to convert an XYZ amount into metal and an XYZ metal into the amount. Further it has a fantastic feature of BACKUP too from where you can maintain the base of all your data without the fear of it losing somewhere. 


Thus, the Jewels® CB has all the features and functionalities necessary in accounting software. It is an excellent option to enhance the business efficiencies.