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Trends Driving the Future of ERP!!!

Are you tired of constantly managing you inventories, orders, and sales of your jewelry business? Well if yes, then let ERP for jewelry business do it for you. ERP Software for jewellery business is an On-Cloud-based as well as On-Premise integrated and comprehensive solution for jewellery retailers. It streamlines every operation of a retail jeweler’s business transactions from handling orders from customers to deliver the finished good. ERP for jewellery business is a one-stop solution to all jewellery retailers who look for an intuitive, robust and easy-to-use software solution.

Features of ERP are as follows:- 

1. Easily Manage Inventory:- With customized inventory management, you can keep track of everything that comes in & out of your jewelry stock and create automated paths that will save you money and time. 


2. Streamlined Vendor Management: - with ERP you can automatically assign the gold products to the vendor who works on gold and silver product to the one who deals in silver only.

3. Work Order Management: - a work order is generated with the name of the vendor who will go to make the product ordered by customer. The vendor will be updated with this order and start working on the product immediately. Other than this, you can manage all work orders in a single place, plus you can also keep track of the pending work orders.  

4. Quality Management: - With quality management feature, you can make sure that you deliver quality products to your customers. Once the product is completely prepared by a vendor, the vendor will assign the product to the quality check department and only passes the product when the product passes all necessary quality check tests.

5. Customer Relationship Management: - Integrated customer relationship management features assist users in marketing to customers and tracking customer anniversaries, birthdays, relationships, referrals, wish lists and call-logs. Additionally, the Task Manager makes sure that activities such as follow-up calls don't fall by the wayside.

6. Finance Management: - Finance module in jewelry ERP streamlines the procedures and assist you to manage your finances more competently, thus freeing you to concentrate on the things that matter running your business. The module is configurable with your current accounting formats and provides you the tools to make your financial management work better.

 Top Three ERP Trends:-

1. Wearable Technologies – Wearable technologies are not widely used yet; however, organizations in different industries, including manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas, health care etc. show a willingness to adopt futuristic devices that will fill in certain gaps with time. Therefore, wearable technologies are already seen as irreplaceable tools in many industries, slowly emerging in the business sector as many other technologies did in the past.

2. Big Data  – Traditional enterprise computing systems must be restructured in order to facilitate the management of large data volumes, Combining a scalable network with new technologies able to maintain the right balance between efficient data collection and processing, enterprise applications, and networks seems to be the most adequate solution for creating a new framework capable of enhancing enterprise performance.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) – Many people have never heard of IoT. But this new concept is going to change the future of ERP and the way we work by saving time and resources while opening new opportunities for innovation and growth. IoT is expected to have a significant positive impact on the performance of enterprise performance by helping organizations increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and comply with industry-specific laws and regulations.
Eventually, wearable technologies, Big Data, IoT together with other trends, will irreversibly impact the future of 
ERP software.