Jewels® Mobile ERP and Inventory Management Application

Inventory Management Application

Maximum Mobility – Easy Portability – Increase Productivity – High Adaptability

Jewels® Mobile ERP and inventory management application is known as Jewels® Mini is designed to solve the challenges that keep Jewellery manufacturers tied to their desks. Jewels Infosystems mobile technology extends manufacturing ERP functionality beyond the desk to mobile devices located anywhere in the world and process complete information via smart phones, PDAs, and tablets, available whenever and wherever you need it.

With Jewels® Mini App our customers experience:

  • Faster Inventory Management
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Anytime access to Stock View, Quotation Reports, Order Reports
  • Instant access to All SKU, In Stock Items

inventory management application

Jewels® Mini application is designed and developed with advanced functionality that offers:

  • Manage and update your entire inventory related task.
  • Jewellery Retailers can get inventory stocks, Price & quotation and place their order through it.
  • Jewels® Mini is a real native mobile application written specifically for the Android mobile operating system.
  • Usage of local database ensures your data is secure and industry compliance is maintained.

Jewels Mini

Jewels® Mini Mobile app including:

  • Jewellery Inventory Builder
  • ERP including vendor, client and opportunity management for customers
  • Production Reporting
  • Ready Stock
  • Sales Quotes
  • Work Order Management
  • Sales Management
  • BarCode Reading


Requirements to use Jewels® Mini – There are some third party apps which should be installed on your device so that you can use all the functions of Jewels® mini app.

    • Inventory can be uploaded in .cvv file format. So your device must have file explorer option in your mobile device to explore your file.
    • To get your invoices, bills, your device must have print share inventory management application.
    • You must install barcode scanner app to scan your product barcodes.

Visit the link to get Jewels® Mini from Google Play Store or Scan the below QR Code to get the app .

Jewels Mini QR Code Image

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